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Download the ILF GIPA survey report.

Download the latest update on the Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations, which was presented at the March 2017 Joint WHO/UNAIDS Annual Consultation With Pharmaceutical Companies and Stakeholders on Global ARV Demand Forecast.

Download the 2016 ILF Annual Report.

Download the meeting report from the CTA/ILF/CIPHER Thematic Roundtable on Paediatric ARVs: Fast tracking development of priority formulations.

Download the meeting report from the ILF Thematic Roundtable on HIV Diagnostics: Addressing challenges of early infant diagnosis and point-of-care diagnostics.

Read the blog post "How to meet the first-ever global hepatitis targets"

Read the blog post "Modern HIV prevention: what’s next for women?"
















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March 2017 update: Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations

Main outcomes: ILF survey on the engagement of people living with HIV in the HIV biomedical industry

Sex and gender differences in ARV-based HIV prevention research
Hankins et al., International HIV Treatment as Prevention Workshop, Vancouver

Unresolved antiretroviral treatment management issues in HIV-infected children
Heidari et al., JAIDS

Gender-sensitive reporting in medical research
Heidari et al., JIAS

10 years of Industry Liaison Forum

Antiretroviral Drugs for Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV: A Review of Potential Effects on HIV-Exposed but Uninfected Children
Heidari et al., JAIDS

Asking the right questions: developing evidence-based strategies for treating HIV in women and children
Abdool Karim et al., BMC Public Health

Time for gender mainstreaming in editorial policies
Heidari et al., JIAS

Environmental Scan: Mapping HIV research priorities for Women and children

Consensus Statement – Asking the Right Questions: Advancing an HIV Research Agenda for Women and Children

Operations Research on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and pediatric HIV care, support & treatment

Building consensus on industry responsibilities related to PrEP research and implementation