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CIPHER events at AIDS 2016:

  • 2nd Adolescent Transition Workshop

    6 April 2016
    Budapest, Hungary

    The objective of this abstract driven workshop was to bridge the gap between paediatric and adult populations to help ensure that HIV-infected adolescents and young adults are retained in care and supported through this developmental transition.

    Transition was looked at in the broad sense, keeping in mind that there are different types of transition that vary by setting, available health care infrastructure, age and emotional development. The scope included both perinatally and horizontally infected adolescents, with a focus on the epidemiological and data-oriented aspects of transition.

    For more information, click on the links below:

    - Agenda of the workshop
    - Call for abstracts

  • ILF/CIPHER Thematic Roundtable on Paediatric ARVs: Stimulating development of the most needed formulations

    Monday, 7 March 2016
    Geneva, Switzerland

    To read more on this roundtable, click here

  • Cohort Collaboration Teams Meeting

    21 February 2016
    Boston, USA


  • CIPHER Cohort Collaboration Technical Meeting

    25 March 2015, Catania, Italy


  • CIPHER Cohort Collaboration Follow-Up Meeting

    27 March 2014, Sitges, Spain

  • 2nd CIPHER Cohort Collaboration Annual Meeting

    3 March 2014, Boston, USA



  • CIPHER events at AIDS 2012

    • CIPHER Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
      22 July 2012, Washington, USA
    • CIPHER Consultation with Paediatric HIV Cohort Investigators
      22 July 2012, Washington, USA