About Towards an HIV Cure

The Towards an HIV Cure project is an initiative of the International AIDS Society (IAS). In November 2011 the IAS Governing Council prioritized an HIV Cure as one of the organization’s four key policy areas, aligned with the 2010-2014 strategic plan. The mission of the project is to demonstrate leadership in advocating for increased investment in HIV cure research and to facilitate more concerted efforts to advance global scientific research.

In 2010, the International AIDS Society (IAS), with the support of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and viral hepatitis (ANRS), the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Reserach, Sidaction and the Treatment Action Group (TAG), organized a workshop on HIV Reservoirs in conjunction with the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) in Vienna, Austria. The next year, in July 2011, the Towards an HIV Cure Stakeholder’s Advisory Board launched the Rome Statement for an HIV Cure calling for an acceleration of HIV cure research. The announcement was made at the 6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS2011), held in Rome, Italy.

Subsequent to the success of the workshop and in light of the resurgence of interest and optimism on prospects of a cure for HIV, the IAS also undertook to guide the development of a Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure. The IAS launched the Global Scientific Strategy, which was published in Nature Reviews Immunology, at a scientific symposium, immediately preceding the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC in July 2012, with the support of the NIH, the ANRS, Sidaction and TAG.

The annual Towards an HIV Cure Symposium attracts over 250 participants worldwide and provides a unique setting to showcase the latest research in HIV cure and create a fertile ground for dialogue with the broader community.

The IAS and the Towards an HIV Cure Stakeholder’s Advisory Board are coordinating future collaborative developments through scientific meetings, knowledge dissemination and information sharing platforms, and continuing to advocate for the benefits of an HIV cure with the support of topic-specific working groups, international symposia and communication tools.

Following the seminal work of the 2011-2012 International Scientific Working Group in the establishment of the Global Scientific Strategy, the IAS has facilitated the creation of a number of smaller topic-specificic working groups. These working groups bring together leading scientists and community members on relevant topics, including ethics, psychosocial studies, public health and cost-effectiveness. Moreover the IAS has also mediated the creation of an Industry Collaboration Group with the aim to bring together industry partners and cure researchers to faciliate and encourage interactions and collaborations.





IAS Towards an HIV Cure Secretariat
Anna-Laura Ross
HIV Cure Science & Strategy Consultant

Rosanne Lamplough
Project Manager, HIV Programmes

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