Differentiated Models of ART Delivery 

Optimizing the delivery of ART care

Current models of delivering ART care in resource limited settings are being stretched to the limit. With 37 million people worldwide living with HIV and recommended for treatment, innovative solutions are urgently needed to provide quality, life-saving HIV care.

To address this challenge, the International AIDS Society (IAS) has committed to a two-year initiative to support the scale up of differentiated models of ART delivery. This project will focus on the implementation of key elements of ART programming. These include effective decentralisation of HIV care and treatment, task shifting and innovative strategies to deliver ART. They will take place both within the facility and the community, to ease the burden both for the health system and the patient.

The goal of the Differentiated Models of ART Delivery project is to support countries in adopting models that optimize the delivery of ART care both for the patient and the health system.

Key Objectives

  • Developing a decision framework for the implementation of differentiated models of ART delivery by ministries of health
  • Developing an electronic compendium of toolkits and best practices to support the implementation of differentiated models of ART delivery
  • Piloting this framework in selected countries to develop country level implementation plans for differentiated models of ART delivery


To achieve these objectives, the IAS is undertaking the following activities:

  • Convening a steering committee and a technical working group of key global agencies,
  • Holding regional consultations to develop country specific implementation plans for differentiated ART delivery,
  • Disseminating lessons learned through a systematic documentation of the project to contribute to global knowledge sharing and drive further scale up of differentiated ART delivery.