IAS Youth Voices

In 2014, two million adolescents (aged 10-19) were living with HIV worldwide and in Sub-Saharan Africa HIV was the leading cause of death for this demographic (UNICEF). HIV prevalence rates of young women in the region are higher than anywhere else in the world, often surpassing those of other key populations. Without significant efforts to address the epidemic among adolescents, particularly young women, turning back the epidemic will be impossible.

IAS Youth Voices is an advocacy initiative that comprises different activities that put a clear human face and voice to the needs and wants of adolescents living with and being affected by HIV.

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Key Objectives

  • Support youth in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop a stronger voice that enables them to contribute to shaping policies and investment priorities that respond to their needs
  • Influence policy makers and funders to prioritize investments into effective prevention and care interventions for adolescents in the region
  • Influence clinicians, health practitioners and communities in the region to provide better prevention and care services for adolescents.


To achieve these objectives, the IAS is undertaking the following activities:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment and donor spending analysis focusing on HIV prevention, treatment and care programming for adolescents
  • Focus group discussions of young people living with HIV in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania to document their expectations of HIV prevention and treatment programs
  • A significant digital and social media campaign to advance a youth voice that can speak directly to policy makers and funders which will be rolled out in advance of and at AIDS 2016
  • A symposium for clinicians, healthcare practitioners, and researchers at AIDS 2016 to share the latest research, best practices and clinical models of care
  • Bring a group of Youth Ambassadors to AIDS 2016 to attend leadership and advocacy skills building activities and meet with scientists, policy-makers and programme implementers


IAS Youth Voices Campaign

IAS Youth Voices is an advocacy initiative in partnership with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and the Children’s Radio Foundation to enable young people in sub-Saharan Africa to actively shape HIV programmes and investment priorities that respond to their specific needs. The #IASYouthVoices multimedia campaign is highlighting the stories and perspectives of young people who are speaking out about their experiences and needs in the HIV response.

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Partners and sponsors


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