STI 2018
Understanding and Addressing the HIV and STI Syndemics
21-22 July 2018 at Hall 11B, RAI Amsterdam | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been inextricably linked since the start of the HIV epidemic. A new era of global health and development driven by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offers a fresh opportunity to address the critical health issue of STIs through greater involvement, interaction and coordination between the HIV and STI fields. The 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam, with its focus on HIV within the broader global health context, offers an excellent opportunity to explore the state of knowledge, best practices and a research agenda regarding HIV and STIs.

In the era of universal treatment and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) STI 2018 will identify new challenges, emerging issues, and opportunities for research and programme implementation to counter increases in bacterial STIs (i.e. syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia) being observed in many settings. The conference will explore critical issues related to antimicrobial resistance and reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health to ensure an integrated approach.

STI 2018 will combine keynote presentations and roundtable discussions to provide a thorough investigation of the current state-of-the-art in STI prevention, treatment and care specifically in the context of the HIV epidemic. It will include a number of overarching themes looking at the interface between the two disease areas. The meeting will be organized as an official pre-conference to AIDS 2018 at the RAI Amsterdam on 21-22 July 2018 with an expected attendance of 400-500 scientists, clinicians, programme implementers, advocates and community representatives.

All STI 2018 attendees must be registered for AIDS 2018 or have a pre-conference day pass. Attendance at STI 2018 will be on a first-come first-served basis, with no separate registration process. Individuals interested in attending are encouraged to sign up in order to receive updates on the meeting programme and location.

  • Meeting material
  • Poster exhibition

Abstracts co-submitted to AIDS 2018 were considered for poster presentation at STI 2018, as well as AIDS 2018 prizes and awards, including the IAS Injecting Drug Use Research Prizes.

Below are abstracts confirmed for the STI 2018 poster exhibition:


  • High prevalence of sexually transmitted infections among HIV-positive women on ART: the WETIV-R cohort study in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    C. Chedid, S. Arikawa, E. Messou, T. Tiendrebeogo, A. Horo, A. Zahui, X. Anglaret, A. Minga, R. Becquet
  • First experience of viral hepatitis C screening, diagnostic and treatment in HIV-infected patients of the penitentiary sector
    O. Burgay, E. Khaniukov, S. Filippovych, N. Nedashkovska, T. Gaborets, Z. Tsenilova, S. Antoniak, N. Ivanova, D. Marunko
  • Seroprevalence of syphilis, hepatitis C and hepatitis B markers and associated risk factors in a Brazilian cohort of individuals with a newly diagnosis of HIV infection.
    A. Furtado Costa, L.F. Jamal, R.S. Nogueira, A.C.Q. Leão, G. Mizuno, P. Menezes, M.S. Biagioni Santos, M.V. Tancredi, J.V.R. Madruga, L.P.O. Coelho, L.F.M. Brígido, CRT -DST/AIDS Recent Infection Study Group
  • Changes, Patterns and Predictors of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Gay and Bisexual Men Using PrEP; Interim Analysis from the PrEPX Demonstration Study
    M. Traeger, J. Asselin, B. Price, V. Cornelisse, N. Roth, J. Wilcox, B.K. Tee, C. Fairley, C. Chang, J. Armishaw, O. Vujovic, M. Penn, P. Cundill, G. Forgan-Smith, J. Gall, C. Pickett9, L. Lal, A. Mak, T. Spelman, L. Nguyen, D. Murphy, K. Ryan, C. El-Hayek, S. Ruth, C. Batrouney, J. Lockwood J. Hoy, R.M. Grant, M. Hellard, M. Stoové, E. Wright, PrEPX Study Team
  • Displacement, urban gentrification and declining access to HIV/STI, sexual health, and outreach services amongst women sex workers between 2010-2014: Results of a community-based longitudinal cohort
    S. Goldenberg, O. Amram, M. Braschel, S. Machat, K. Shannon, on behalf of the AESHA Study Team
  • Prevalence and correlates of active syphilis and HIV co-Infection among persons aged 15 - 59 in Zambia: results from the Zambia population-based HIV impact assessment (ZAMPHIA) 2016
    H. Solomon, A. Moraes, D.B. Williams, A.S. Fotso, C.B. Ndongmo, L. Mulenga, ZAMPHIA Project Team
  • Diverging trends in incidence of HIV-1 versus other sexually transmitted infections in HIV-negative men who have sex with men (MSM) in Amsterdam
    W.P.H. van Bilsen, A. Boyd, M.F. Schim van der Loeff, U. Davidovich, A. Hogewoning, L. van der Hoek, M. Prins, A. Matser
  • Burden of sexually transmitted infections and prevalence of HIV among key population individuals presenting with STIs in Nepal
    D.P. Bhandari, K.P. KC, H. Subhani, R.K. Shrestha, B.M. Shrestha, P.K. Thakur, I. Adhikary, B. Shrestha

Key and marginalized populations

  • Vulnerability, risk and HIV, Syphilis and other infections among female sex workers in Agadir, Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh, Rabat and Tangier, Morocco 2016
    L. Johnston, A. Bennani, H. El Rhilani, L. Ghargui, K. Alami, B. El Omari, A. Maaroufi
  • Changes in HIV and syphilis prevalence among Female Sex Workers (FSW) in Brazil from 2009 to 2016
    C. Landmann Szwarcwald, P.R. Borges de Souza Junior, G. Nogueira Damacena, O. Ferreira Junior
  • Factors Associated with Sexually Transmitted Infections among Sexually Active U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Personnel across a Shipboard Deployment
    J. Harbertson, P. Scott, Y. Li, N. Michael, B. Hale
  • Pathways from sexual stigma to incident HIV and sexually transmitted infections among Nigerian MSM
    E. Okporo, C. Rodrguez-Hart, TRUST Study Group
  • Prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and their association with sexual behavior and substance use among 1351 MSM in Lebanon
    A. Assi, S. Abu Zaki, N. Kinge, D. Abou Abbas, J. Naous, A. Ghanem, R. Aaraj, R. Maher, Z. Bakouny, G. Azzi, R. Tomb
  • “You change who you hang out with”: Understanding hepatitis C risk behaviours and attitudes among HIV-diagnosed gay and bisexual men
    S. Schroeder, M. Stoové, P. Higgs, A. Pedrana, M. Hellard, J. Doyle
  • Integrated gender affirmative hormone treatment services improve access to and retention in HIV testing, syphilis testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) service uptake among transgender women in Thailand
    R. Janamnuaysook, K. Samitpol, P. Ketwongsa, A. Chancham, J. Kongkapan, P. Mingkwanrungruang, R. Meksena, P. Rattakitvijunnanakorn, N. Teachatanawat, S. Mills, S. Charoenying, S. Umasa, R. Vannakit, P. Phanuphak, N. Phanuphak
  • Integrating viral hepatitis, HIV, and opioid addiction advocacy: A successful campaign in North Carolina
    L. Storrow, D. Rowan
  • Will hepatitis C transmission be eliminated by 2025 among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Australia?
    L. Salazar-Vizcaya, D.C. Boettiger, G.J. Dore, R. Gray, M. Law, A. Rauch, T. Lea, G. Matthews
  • Sialon II – Capacity building in combining targeted prevention with meaningful HIV surveillance among Men who have Sex with Men
    Massimo Mirandola, Lorenzo Gios, Nigel Sherriff, Ulrich Marcus, Igor Toskin, Magdalena Rosinska, Inga Veličko, Barbara Suligoi, Cinta Folch, Christiane Nöstlinger, Sonia Dias, Danica Stanekova, Irena Klavs, Saulius Caplinskas, Alexandru Rafila, Carolina Marin, Ivailo Alexiev, & the SIALON II Network
  • Vulnerability reduction minimizes risk of STI in FSW
    P. Khandelwal. Presenter: T Narendran.
  • Misunderstanding PrEP among rural Latino Immigrants: Likening PrEP to reproductive health strategies
    C. Garcia, R. Melendez, S.J. Zepeda, I. Lozano-Verduzco, G. Alaniz
  • Sex work stigma and its effects on healthcare: data from a large RDS study among FSW in Brazil
    I. Dourado, M. Drew Crosland Guimarães, G. Nogueira Damacena, L. Magno, P.R. Borges de Souza Júnior, C. Landmann Szwarcwald, The Brazilian FSW Group

Transmission dynamics

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the association of male circumcision with HIV, and history of Viral and non-Viral Sexually Transmitted Infections in Rwandan men who have sex with men
    J.D.A. Sinayobye, A. Adedimeji, V. Patel, H.Y. Kim5, Q. Shi5, G. Murenzi, P. Mugenzi, P.E. Castle, L. Mutesa, B. Kateera, J. Palefsky, K. Anastos
  • Genital inflammation and cervical T-cell activation associated with sexually transmitted infections in adolescent girls and young women at high risk of HIV infection
    S. Dabee, S.L. Barnabas, H.B. Jaspan, S.Z. Jaumdally, H. Gamieldien, K. Lennard, L. Masson, D.A. Lewis, C. Gray, J. Dietrich, G. Gray, N.N. Mkhize, A.-L. Williamson, T.J. Hope, F. Chiodi, R. Shattock, L.-G. Bekker, J.-A.S. Passmore
  • Differential genital inflammation associated with Chlamydia trachomatis sequence types in adolescent girls and young women at high risk of HIV infection
    S. Barnabas, B. Versteeg, S. Dabee, D. Lewis, E. Muller, H. Jaspan, S. Jaumdally5, H. Gamieldien, L. Masson, N. Mkhize, J. Dietrich, G. Gray, L.-G. Bekker, H. de Vries, S. Bruisten, J.-A. Passmore
  • Neovaginal microbial and proteomic signatures in Brazilian transgender women following gender-related surgery
    K. Kratzer, C. Farr Zuend, S. Mutch, K. Birse, L. Noël-Romas, M. Abou, E. Jalil, B. Grinsztejn, R. Khalili Friedman, F. Li, C. Yanavich, A. Burgener, G. Aldrovandi
  • Virological and serological predictors of anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions among HIV-positive men who have sex with men.
    E. Marra, M.L. Siegenbeek van Heukelom, A. Leeman3, T. Waterboer, C.J.L.M. Meijer, P.J.F. Snijders, A.J. King, I. Cairo, A. van Eeden, W. Brokking, W. Quint, J.M. Prins, H.J.C. de Vries, M.F. Schim van der Loeff

Clinical management

  • Enhancing program efficiency through service integration, population focus and geographic localization: Finding and treating HIV, Syphilis, and Cervical Cancer in Zambia
    Y. Mulenga, M. Kalufyanya, K. Mapoma, C. Mukelebai, G. Mburu
  • High incidence of hepatitis C virus (re-)infections among PrEPusers in the Netherlands: implications for prevention, monitoring and treatment
    E. Hoornenborg, L.N. Coyer, R.C.A. Achterbergh, M.F. Schim van der Loeff, S. Bruisten, H.J.C. de Vries, T.J.W. Van de Laar, M. Prins, on behalf of the Amsterdam PrEP Project team in the HIV Transmission Elimination AMsterdam Initiative (H-TEAM)
  • Feasibility and Acceptability of Symptom Screening of Sexually Transmitted Infections: HPTN0 71 (PopART) Trial in Zambia and South Africa
    C.R. Phiri, A. Schaap, M. Phiri, S. Floyd, S. Griffith, R. Hayes, S. Fidler, K. Shanaube, H. Ayles

Emerging infections

  • Syphilis among HIV positive patients in Gaborone, Botswana: A cross-sectional study utilising a dual antibody point of care test
    D. Lawrence, I. Maan, N. Tlhako, K. Tsholo, K. Ramontshonyana, C. Morroni
  • Low prevalence and incidence of hepatitis C among men who have sex with men and transgender women in a key population-led Test and Treat cohort in Thailand
    R. Ramautarsing, J. Jantarapakde, S. Pengnonyang, R. Meksena, N. Teachatanawat, T. Sungsing, P. Mingkwanrungruangkit, N. Mahachokchai, S. Samalu, T. Nakpor, R. Reankhomfu, P. Rattakitvijunnanakorn, S. Tongmuang, S. Charoenying, S. Mills, R. Vannakit, P. Phanuphak, N. Phanuphak
  • Behavioural profile of viral hepatitis co-infected MSM at HIV diagnosis
    T.H. Kwan, N.S. Wong, K.C.W. Chan, O.T.Y. Tsang, W.S. Leung, K.M. Ho, M.P. Lee, S.N. Chan, G.C.Y. Lui, S.S. Lee
  • The first HIV and Hepatitis C Prevalence and Behavioral Survey among Crystal Methamphetamine (Sabu) Users in Indonesia
    I. Praptoraharjo, L. Nevendorff, A. Widihastuti, M. Mediestya, M. Busz, N. Veldwijk, M. Handulle
  • Effectiveness of hepatitis A virus (HAV) vaccination among people living with HIV during an hepatitis A outbreak in Taiwan, 2015-2017
    K.-Y. Lin, H.-Y. Sun, S.-M. Hsieh, H.-Y. Cheng, Y.-C. Lo, W.-H. Sheng, Y.-C. Chuang, A. Cheng, S.-C. Pan, G.-J. Chen, C.-T. Fang, C.-C. Hung, S.-C. Chang
  • Effectiveness of synergy of HIV prevention and National Hepatitis C Elimination programs in Georgia
    M. Gogia, K. Stvilia, K. Kutateladze, I. Khonelidze, G. Jikia, A. Asatiani


  • Performance of vaginal self-sampling for HPV testing among HIV-infected women in Botswana
    T. Elliott, R. Kohler, B. Monare, N. Moshashane, K. Ramontshonyana, C. Muthoga, R. Howett, C. Morroni, D. Ramogola-Masire
  • Developing a typology of HIV/STI testing patterns and associated motivators: a framework to guide interventions among men who have sex with men
    R.K.J. Tan, N. Kaur, C.S. Wong, M.I.-C. Chen
  • Anal Cancer Screening in HIV-Infected Youth at an Urban Community Health Center: Performance Evaluation
    U. Belkind, W. DeWitt, P. Carneiro, P. Meacher, A. Radix
  • HPV self-sampling acceptability and preferences among HIV-infected women in Botswana
    R. Kohler, T. Elliott, B. Monare, N. Moshashane, K. Ramontshonyana, P. Chatterjee, D. Ramogola-Masire3, C. Morroni

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Organizing Committee

Ken Mayer, The Fenway Institute, United States
Henry de Vries, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) | Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Birgit van Benthem, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands
Jan van Bergen, Soa Aids Nederland, Amsterdam | Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam |  National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands
Silke David, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands
Udi Davidovich, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD), The Netherlands
Arjan Hogewoning, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD), The Netherlands
Elske Hoornenborg, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) The Netherlands
Marina Klein, McGill University and CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canada
Kenneth Ngure, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya | Department of Global Health, University of Washington, United States
Nneka Nwokolo, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, United Kingdom
Maria Oud, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD), The Netherlands
Sébastien Morin, International AIDS Society, Switzerland
Maria Prins, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) | Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jürgen Rockstroh, University of Bonn, Germany
Mauro Schechter, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Maarten Schim van der Loeff, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) | Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Darrell Tan, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Canada
Clarissa Vergunst, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD), The Netherlands

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