2016 Global Scientific Strategy

The groundbreaking first IAS Towards an HIV Cure Global Scientific Strategy, published in 2012 in Nature Reviews Immunology, presented the first global overview of, and strategic plan for, HIV cure research.  That initial strategy galvanized the interest and enthusiasm of researchers, funders and advocates worldwide to accelerate the HIV cure research agenda.

As both challenges and opportunities in HIV cure research continue to evolve rapidly, the IAS convened a multi-disciplinary International Scientific Working Group of leading basic, clinical, and social scientists, ethicists, and global stakeholders to develop the second IAS Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure 2016, published in Nature Medicine, and launched at the fifth annual IAS Towards an HIV Cure Sympsoium, July 2016.

The second strategy, developed over a two-year period, incorporates the contributions of the 2015-2016 International Scientific Working Group, as well as input from a number of community leaders, industry representatives, and HIV researchers from around the world, collected through online and in-person consultations.

The IAS Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure 2016 is a comprehensive roadmap identifying the most pressings gaps in HIV cure research, with a concentrated focus on the importance of social and behavioural sciences and the ethical aspects of HIV cure research, as well as research in resource-limited settings. The strategy analyzes current progress and makes concrete recommendation to advance the search for an HIV cure in these seven focal areas:

The Global Scientific Strategy serves as:

  • A guide for scientific research, to address the most criticial knowledge gaps and outstanding questions in the field;
  • A tool for funders and policy-makers, to guide their support for the most effective and efficient research to advance the HIV cure agenda;
  • A framework for advocates, to support high-quality, ethical, and cost-effective research that can lead to a cure for HIV.