Research-for-Cure Academy

Widanalage Nimali Widanage

Nationality: Sri Lankan
Institution: National STD/AIDS Control Programme
Country of work: Sri Lanka

What is your motivation for engaging in HIV cure and remission research?

Practicing as a clinician caring for HIV patients for the past nine years has only served to highlight that research focusing on HIV cure and remission is more important than ever before. My training in HIV medicine at St Marys’ Hospital London furthered this interest. As preventive interventions such as PREP are shaping the epidemic the need to achieve cure and remission is quintessential. Despite being a resource limited country, Sri Lanka has achieved commendable progress in patient care management and public health services however research on HIV cure and remission remains a need that needs addressing.

What is your current area of research?

HTLV and HIV co-infection has not been assessed amongst Sri Lankan patients. The impact of HTLV on immunological markers in HIV /HTLV co infected cohort and the long and short term effect of disease modifying agents and biologicals on clinical and immunological parameters.