HIV Cure Research with the Community workshop
21 July 2018 | Room E105-108, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A strong HIV response requires a broad engagement of stakeholders, including people living with HIV and communities, in order to build informed and effective advocacy. As the HIV cure research field develops, an important step in furthering its impact is to translate the latest findings in a way that is accessible to communities, in order to cultivate a well-informed, multidisciplinary network of stakeholders and advocate for the continued prioritization of HIV cure within the global health agenda.

The IAS is partnering with international and local civil society organizations to organize an interactive one-day research literacy workshop as an AIDS 2018 pre-conference event to provide accessible information on current research directions, emerging collaborations with fields beyond HIV, and challenges for an HIV cure. The workshop will be open to delegates interested in learning about the HIV cure field, but is aimed in particular at peer educators, advocates, young researchers and researchers from outside the field.

All workshop attendees must be registered for AIDS 2018 or have a pre-conference day pass. Attendance at the HIV Cure Research with the Community workshop will be on a first-come first-served basis, with no separate registration process. Individuals interested in attending are encouraged to sign up in order to receive updates on the meeting programme and location.

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