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IAS Educational Fund Meeting – Argentina – 2019

The International AIDS Society (IAS) is proud to announce that an IAS Educational Fund scientific symposium, under the theme, HIV and sexual and reproductive rights throughout life, organized in collaboration with Fundación Huésped, was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 28 August 2019. This meeting gathered more than 370 policy makers, implementing partners and clinicians with HIV service providers, advocates, development partners and patient communities to discuss the latest science and question how that information impacts local epidemics.

Leading HIV researchers and policy makers presented their ideas on how to effectively incorporate new strategies to address HIV through ageing through innovative treatment and prevention approaches, and defined ways to integrate HIV into national global health systems in Argentina. In addition, speakers and participants discussed barriers and opportunities faced by youth, transgender and other key populations in the region.

In addition to the meeting’s material available below and to make content from IAS Conferences more accessible to Spanish speakers, the IAS Educational Fund provides several other sessions with subtitles in Spanish.

Meeting material

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  • Final programme
  • Meeting report
    This report was developed in collaboration with Fundación Huésped. The views expressed in the report do not necessarily reflect the views of the International AIDS Society.

Infancias y adolescencias

Lissandro Cottone y Gastón Vera, Secretaría de infancias y adolescencias trans FALGBT


Rosa Bologna, Hospital Garrahan


Claudia Rodríguez, Dirección de Sida del Ministerio de Salud y Desarrollo Social de la Nación


Madurez sexual y laboral

Matías Muñoz, Asociación Ciclo Positivo


Adriana Durán, Coordinación Sida CABA


Mariano Perco, Hospital Muñiz


El desafío de sostener los derechos adquiridos en cada etapa de la vida

José María Di Bello, Fundación Grupo Efecto Positivo



Graciela Balestra, Puerta Abierta a la Diversidad/Casa del Orgullo


Paula Vicente, Red de Gerontología de CABA

Presentation - 115Mb (includes video file)

Marianela Carchak Canes y Mónica Navarro, Ancestras UNTREF

Presentation - 220Mb (includes video file)

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  • Infancias y adolescencias

  • Madurez sexual y laboral

  • El desafío de sostener los derechos adquiridos en cada etapa de la vida

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