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IAS Educational Fund Meeting – Colombia

The International AIDS Society (IAS) is proud to announce that the IAS Educational Fund meeting under the theme, Responses to HIV and migration in Latin America: Current challenges, future strategies, organized in collaboration with Viral Infections Latin America (VILA) and the Latin American HIV Workshop Study Group was held on 3 April 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogota, Colombia

During this meeting, more than 90 HIV and AIDS professionals in Bogotá discussed HIV in migrant populations, the situation of the HIV epidemic in Venezuela and Colombia, and potential strategies for the detection and management of HIV in the migrant population in Colombia.

The day’s topics included key messages from the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam, Venezuela’s Master Plan by PAHO, as well as approaches to HIV services in the migrant population. Roundtables and group discussions included how Venezuela’s migration affects the HIV epidemic in the region and finding innovative ways to measure new lines of research.

In addition to the meeting’s material available below and to make content from IAS Conferences more accessible to Spanish speakers, the IAS Educational Fund is happy to provide several other sessions with subtitles in Spanish.

Meeting material

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Opening remarks
Mr Eduardo Franco, President of the Hand Friends for Live Foundation (Mavid)


Key messages from AIDS 2018
Dr Luis Soto-Ramírez, IAS


Latin American HIV Workshop Study Group, history and challenges
Dr Miguel Morales, Latin American HIV Workshop Study Group


The HIV epidemic in Venezuela
Dr Yasmín Álvarez, Military Hospital Dr. Carlos Arvelo


What do we know about health in general and HIV in particular regarding the migrant population from Venezuela?
Dr Julio Sáenz, Ministry of Health and Social Security, Colombia


Strategies for detection and management of the migrant population living with HIV in Colombia
Dr Ernesto Martínez Buitrago, VIHCOL Group, Del Valle University


The role of an NGO: AID for AIDS
Mr Jaime Valencia, AID for AIDS, Colombia


Group work introduction: The HIV response in the migrant and refugee population
Dr Alejandra Carao, UNAIDS


Results of the Latin American Workshop and the Annual Report
Dr Carlos Beltrán, Latin American HIV Workshop Study Group


Results from 2018 of the VIHCOL Group, Colombia
Mr Héctor Mueses, Biostatistics from the VIHCOL Group, Fight Against AIDS Corporation


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  • Luis Soto-Ramírez

  • Eduardo Franco

  • Miguel Morales

  • Yasmín Álvarez

  • Julio Sáenz

  • Ernesto Martínez Buitrago

  • Jaime Valencia

  • Alejandra Carao

  • Liliana Andrade

  • Massimo Ghidinelli

  • Carlos Beltrán

  • Héctor Mueses