Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme

Shamim Mohamed Ali

Institution: Moi University
Country of work: Kenya

What is your motivation for pursuing a career in HIV clinical service delivery?

I developed an interest in HIV medicine while working as a physician managing HIV infected patients both as in- and outpatients for the past several years. I have experienced the ‘miracle’ recovery of patients with proper medical care and access to ART, which has allowed them to return to their families and lives. However, while increased access to ART in SSA countries has reduced HIV related morbidity and mortality, the development of resistance might reverse gains made in HIV. Managing patients failing second line and those on third line ART provided me with insight into HIV resistance, including resistance testing, and increased my motivation to be a specialist in HIV. As HIV care is rapidly developing worldwide, with increased therapy advancements and access to resistance testing, becoming a trained HIV specialist is critical in ensuring provision of quality clinical care and developing local leadership in HIV care.

How do you anticipate using the knowledge learned once back in your home country?

By gaining experience of the different HIV care systems, patient management and learning from experts, this fellowship will provide me with a strong foundation and understanding of HIV medicine. Upon completion, I will utilize the knowledge gained to continue working with local and national HIV programmes to ensure continuum of provision of quality evidence-based HIV care. I will utilize my skills in advancing local research and improving the clinical care of patients, in addition to training and mentoring clinical staff and medical students.