Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme

Martin Herbas Ekat

Institution: Centre de Traitement Ambulatoire de Brazzaville
Country of work: Republic of the Congo

What is your motivation for pursuing a career in HIV clinical service delivery?

Since the beginning of my career, I have been working in the fight against HIV at the outpatient treatment center in Brazzaville. I identified with the dispensary and medical diseases because I found that patients were attending outpatient treatment centers (CTA) in hospital settings. The care in the CTA is codified while in the health structures it remains to be defined. This program is timely to allow me to stay in quality care for HIV-infected patients.

How do you anticipate using the knowledge learned once back in your home country?

For the future in my country, I see myself providing care to patients infected with HIV in hospital structures and to define a better approach adapted to the needs of patients. My goal is also to make my hospital department a leading medical research unit in the field of care. I am convinced that improving the quality of life of HIV-infected patients requires research, by highlighting the problems that patients face and by providing solutions.