Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme

Kick Kayembe Kakese

Institution: Médecins Sans Frontiéres
Country of work: Democratic Republic of Congo

What is your motivation for pursuing a career in HIV clinical service delivery?

My biggest motivation is my aim to improve the quality of care in many structures and thus improve the management of HIV patients in our regions. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country with high levels of stigma AND the quality of care is far from optimal; because of discrimination, patients with HIV generally present with a stage 3 or 4 of infection. As a result, many still die from advanced HIV disease-related conditions. Hence, I am motivated to contribute more effectively to improving the quality of care in our hospitals and health centres in Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as other settings in Africa.

How do you anticipate using the knowledge learned once back in your home country?

I have been working for more than six years in the HIV field with Médecins Sans Frontières and currently I am part of a pool of clinicians called to use their experience in this realm, in different partner structures in Kinshasa and also in other African countries on HIV-related projects. I often share my expertise through trainings and mentoring of health care workers dealing with HIV management and I have also contributed to improving the quality of care during some missions in Malawi and South Africa. The Mark Wainberg Fellowship will be extremely beneficial for me and will support my ambition to become an HIV expert and train clinicians across Congo and throughout Africa.