Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme

Yamikani Rose Mbilizi

Institution: College of Medicine Johns Hopkins Research Project
Country of work: Malawi

What is your motivation for pursuing a career in HIV clinical service delivery?

Universal access to HIV clinical service delivery is limited in sub-Saharan Africa for key populations, more especially for men who sex with men (MSM) and transgender people. I am motivated to pursue a career in this specialty in order to gain skills, knowledge, and practices that will inform governments and policymakers how to develop and design the most efficient, targeted and comprehensive HIV programs and guidelines that better serve MSM and transgender populations.

How do you anticipate using the knowledge learned once back in your home country?

I believe the knowledge learned from this training will qualify me to be part of task forces and committees that actively develop the local HIV guidelines and treatment protocols in Malawi. I plan to dedicate time and effort to mentor and train medical students and other healthcare cadres to provide the most efficient HIV care service delivery. My ultimate goal would be to establish a center that provides a range of comprehensive HIV services for gay, bisexual and other MSM in Malawi.