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Upcoming Events


IAS Educational Fund Meeting - Côte d’Ivoire
The International AIDS Society (IAS) and the African Network of Physicians for Care of People living with HIV/AIDS (RESAPSI) are proud to announce that a series of IAS Educational Fund meetings under the theme, A scientific response to HIV in West and Central Africa – Translating best practice into policy service delivery, will take place in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Policy makers, implementing partners and clinicians will gather with HIV service providers, advocates, development partners and patient communities to discuss the latest science and question how that information impacts local epidemics.

Date: 4 December 2017
Location: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

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APRIL 2018

HIV & Hepatitis in the Americas Congress 2018
HIV & Hepatitis in the Americas is a high quality Scientific Programme bringing together practising physicians and HCPs, with a view to improving clinical practice and the lives of patients. The aim is to bring together practising physicians and other healthcare professionals who treat patients on a day-to-day basis with a view to improving clinical practice and the lives of patients.

Date: 19 to 21 April 2018
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

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HIV Drug Therapy Glasgow 2018
The programme is of interest to clinical investigators from across the globe to review current research and to discuss its implications for HIV management strategies.

Date: 28 to 31 October 2018
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom