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IAS statement: Brunei’s anti-gay laws counter stated aim to end AIDS epidemic
STATEMENT - 2 April 2019

From 3 April 2019, Brunei Darussalam will impose death by stoning as punishment for gay sex and adultery, as provided for in sections of the country’s Syariah Penal Code Order 2013. This comes against a backdrop of discrimination against gay and other men who have sex with men in the country. It has caused widespread concern among lawmakers, human rights organizations and politicians around the world.
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Berlin to host 11th IAS Conference on HIV Science in 2021
NEWS - 27 February 2019

Berlin is the host city of the 11th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021), the International AIDS Society (IAS) announced today. The city hosted the 9th International AIDS Conference in 1993, but this is the first time that it will host the IAS Conference on HIV Science. IAS 2021 will take place at Messe Berlin on 18-21 July 2021. It is expected to convene 6,000 scientists, clinicians, public health experts and community leaders from over 140 countries.
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New Deputy Director for HIV Programmes Roger Tatoud will lead IAS efforts to speed HIV vaccine development
PRESS RELEASE - 18 February 2019

The International AIDS Society (IAS) has appointed Roger Tatoud, Ph.D., former Senior Director IAVI – Human Immunology Laboratory Global Operations, to the newly created position of IAS Deputy Director of Programmes and Advocacy (Vaccines). In his new role, Dr Tatoud will lead the efforts of the IAS and the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise to speed HIV vaccine development through implementation of the IAS Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Strategic Plan.
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IAS statement on President Trump’s announcement of 10-year plan to end AIDS in the US
STATEMENT - 6 February 2019

The International AIDS Society (IAS) welcomes the bold goal set forth in US President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address to “eliminate the HIV epidemic in the United States within 10 years”. The US Department of Health and Human Services has since posted a factsheet detailing a goal of a 75% reduction in new HIV infections in the US over the next five years and at least a 90% reduction in the next 10 years.
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The law versus key populations
BLOG - 10 December 2018

In contexts where key populations are criminalized, those implementing key population programmes are often at risk of arrest and violence for their work. The risk is multiplied when implementers themselves are also members of key populations. In this IASONEVOICE, we diverge from our usual format to share personal stories that cannot be safely attributed to the individuals interviewed.
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The science is clear, HIV criminalization is abusive, discriminatory and counterproductive
BLOG - 10 December 2018

Every year, in dozens of countries in every region of the world, people living with HIV are prosecuted for HIV non-disclosure, perceived HIV exposure or, in rare cases, allegedly knowing transmission of the virus. Some of these prosecutions are based on HIV-specific laws while others use general laws, such as assault and battery.
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A heart that’s willing to lead
BLOG - 1 December 2018

I never thought I would ever live a life where I was an openly HIV-positive activist. However, if we are serious about addressing the HIV epidemic, we need to equip the next generation of activists to take on the battles that must be won.
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LGBT rights and the HIV response: Can Latin America be a world leader?
BLOG - 30 November 2018

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in the Latin American and Caribbean region are striding forward, with Mexico leading on many fronts. Since August 2010, Mexico City has legalized same-sex marriage and many states in the country are also moving forward with this.
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A week in quotes: PATA 2018 Youth Summit
BLOG - 29 November 2018

This week the five IAS Youth Champions joined more than 200 delegates at the PATA 2018 Youth Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. To wrap-up the three-day event, the Youth Champions are sharing some of their favourite quotes and moments from the week.
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Condemning Tanzania’s anti-gay initiatives
STATEMENT - 8 November 2018

On behalf of the International AIDS Society (IAS), we, the IAS Governing Council Africa Regional Representatives, express our grave concern regarding the reported anti-gay initiative underway in Tanzania.
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PrEP is safe and effective for widespread use, research shows
PRESS RELEASE - 29 October 2018

New research presented at the HIV Drug Therapy Conference in Glasgow today shows that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) could be given to millions of people worldwide with no increased risk of safety issues during treatment. PrEP is a combination of two drugs that people can take before sex to prevent HIV infection.
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HIV prevention for the next generation
BLOG - 26 October 2018

In this special interactive interview, Nduku Kilonzo, IAS Member and Executive Director of the National AIDS Control Council of Kenya, highlights the key factors that make young people, particularly women and girls, vulnerable to HIV and how to address those challenges.
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HIVR4P: A week in review
BLOG - 26 October 2018

The HIV Research for Prevention conference (HIVR4P 2018) brought more than 1,400 attendees to Madrid, including researchers, policy makers and advocates from 50 countries. Here's a wrap-up of the key themes in HIV prevention and vaccine research. More signposts on the road to a vaccine The journey of discovery toward an effective HIV vaccine may be longer than many imagined, but the consensus this week is that there are now more signposts than ever to guide the way.
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New Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Strategic Plan lays out a roadmap to speed the development of a safe and effective vaccine against HIV
PRESS RELEASE - 22 October 2018

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, hosted by the International AIDS Society (IAS), has launched a five-year strategy to accelerate the development of an effective vaccine to prevent HIV infection. The new Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Strategic Plan (2018-2023) was unveiled today at the opening of HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P 2018), the world’s only scientific conference dedicated exclusively to biomedical HIV prevention, in Madrid, Spain.
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National Academy of Medicine elects Past IAS President Françoise Barré-Sinoussi
STATEMENT - 16 October 2018

The International AIDS Society (IAS) congratulates Past IAS President Françoise Barré-Sinoussi for her election to the United States National Academy of Medicine. Françoise is one of 10 new international members of the National Academy of Medicine announced this week.
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