The law versus key populations

The law versus key populations

In contexts where key populations are criminalized, those implementing key population programmes are often at risk of arrest and violence for their work. The risk is multiplied when implementers themselves are also members of key populations. In this IASONEVOICE, we diverge from our usual format to share personal stories that cannot be safely attributed to the individuals interviewed. These stories were shared with the IAS by the USAID- and PEPFAR-supported LINKAGES project. In our joint efforts to better address the safety and security concerns of key population programme implementers, these interviews were conducted with individuals working in hostile environments around the world. If the IAS identifies these implementers or describes the specific locations of their programmes, it could put their safety, their beneficiaries’ safety and their programmes at risk. To avoid providing identifying information, we present several individuals’ stories through one anonymized composite interview. These are their stories…

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