Human rights = The end of AIDS

Micheal Ighodaro is a HIV/AIDS advocate and an openly gay man living with HIV. This Human Rights Day, he shares his personal story. I was infected with HIV as an adolescent in the streets of Nigeria. As an openly gay man coming from a country like mine, I can tell you first-hand that without addressing human rights we cannot address HIV. I knew I was gay when I was seven years old. My mum always knew but she always tried to hide it. I remember when I first asked her what the meaning of gay was...
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Paediatric ARVs: Giving industry a seat at the table

By Marissa Vicari and Sébastien Morin, International AIDS Society   “There must be a partnership between business and the community - without that this battle will not be won.” – Nelson Mandela   In his closing address at the 2000 International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, Nelson Mandela recognized the necessity of industry’s involvement in the HIV response -- even before generic antiretrovirals (ARVs) were made available at low cost to the world. At the time, the relationshi...
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Standing united for International Day for Tolerance

Today marks the 20th annual International Day for Tolerance - a day that recognizes how important the rich variety of our world's cultures and people are to creating a strong, vibrant global community. In a week marred by violence in Beirut, Baghdad, Sana'a and Paris – and a year that has seen more people fleeing their homes to escape persecution than ever before in history – we call on all International AIDS Society (IAS) members to use today as a moment to reflect and share with your communi...
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5 things to know about HIV and the MDGs

Next week the 70th UN General Assembly will take place in New York. This year marks an important milestone as we transition from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a new global agenda agreed upon by world leaders to address the major challenges facing our world today. Combatting HIV/AIDS and malaria was one of the core goals of the MDGs and because of that targeted focus we have made huge strides in tackling the epidemic. We must build on that m...
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Empowering adolescents with PrEP

  "PrEP provides an opportunity for empowering adolescents to take control of their sexual health." Niluka Perera is a youth advocate who spoke at a recent meeting at the IAS 2015 conference in Vancouver this past July. The meeting convened by UNICEF, brought together 58 scientists, researchers, government, community and development partners, and youth advocates to consider the clinical, ethical and operational issues associated with implementing oral PrEP among sexually active older...
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Letter from the executive director

Dear members and friends, This month marks my one-year anniversary as the Executive Director of the International AIDS Society, an organization I’m honoured to represent. In that time, under the guidance of our President and the Governing Council, the IAS has embarked on a process to fundamentally change how we contribute to the fight against HIV. These are changes that many organizations go through, but the shift at the IAS has been part of a deliberate effort to play a more active role in ...
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Interview with IAS President Chris Beyrer

Listen to IAS President Chris Beyrer’s interview on “What will it take to end the AIDS pandemic?”
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