Five IAS Values

We are evidence-based, human rights-focused, inclusive and accountable partners in the HIV response.


We are data-driven, consistent with our role as an independent voice of HIV professionals. We strive to ground all of our actions in evidence, and advocate for the HIV response to prioritize science over ideology.

Human rights-focused

We support people working on all fronts of the global HIV response who share our vision and mission. We are committed to the human rights of the people and communities affected by HIV.


We are committed to representing the diversity of all actors involved in the global HIV response. We support the greater involvement and meaningful engagement of people living with HIV, key populations and other vulnerable groups affected by HIV in all of our work.


We expect high, ethical standards from ourselves and our partners, and we are clear about these expectations. From workplace policies to third-party agreements, our ethical guidelines and requirements are outlined at every opportunity.


We seek partnership and facilitate collaboration, bringing together people and organizations from all fields and all levels to drive progress. We believe that we are stronger together.