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AIDS 2024


Exhibit at the world’s most influential meeting on HIV science

  • Promote your products and services to a global audience, including leaders in the HIV response.
  • Choose from commercial and non-commercial packages.
  • Exhibit in person and virtually or virtually only. 
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Bookings are closed

However, if you would still like to exhibit, please contact us to check availability.


The AIDS 2024 exhibition offers unparalleled opportunities to engage with the world’s leading scientists, healthcare professionals, policy makers, funders and media. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach key players in the HIV response.   

Exhibition packages 

Exhibitors can choose from three exhibition packages: 

1. Shell scheme booths

Booth example
This image is an indication of the style of the booth only. It does not reflect the full booth package

These include a shell scheme booth and are available in two sizes: 9m² and 18m².

The booth (9m² or 18m²) includes: 

  • Hard walls (back and sides)  
  • Draped table (1 or 2)                            
  • Chairs (2 or 4)           
  • Identification sign                       
  • Wastebasket                                             
  • Carpet
  • Lighting and electricity outlet (including consumption) 
  • One-time cleaning to prepare for the exhibition opening

Booth package prices cover your use of the space, as well as installing and dismantling the booth. You can order additional cleaning, as well as other services and equipment, before the conference from the official conference contractor and other third-party conference suppliers.

The 9m² booth package includes two in-person exhibitor registrations and the 18m² package includes four. These registrations provide access to the exhibition hall. You can buy a limited number of additional exhibitor badges. Find more information in the exhibitor manual, which will be available in March 2024.

All organizations that order a booth package are automatically included in the virtual exhibition. 

2. Space-only options

If you choose an in-person space-only exhibition package, you must provide your own booth and arrange all related aspects. These include: building the booth, including materials and labour; transportation; electrical connection; cleaning and waste removal; and dismantling the booth.

A limited number of in-person exhibitor registrations are included in the space-only packages based on the space size purchased. These registrations provide access to the exhibition hall.

Purchased square metre Exhibitor badges
9m2 2
18m2 4
27 & 36m2 6
54 & 72m2 10
81m2 12
More than 81m2 14

Note: You can buy a limited number of additional exhibitor badges. Find more information in the exhibitor manual, which will be available in March 2024.

All organizations that order a space-only package are automatically included in the virtual exhibition.

3. Virtual exhibition

The virtual exhibition package includes: 

  • Organization logo
  • Organization name
  • Link to organization URL

Exhibition package fees

Which organizations do the different fees apply to?  

  • Non-commercial organizations:

    • Category 1. This includes academia, non-profit organizations (international), people living with HIV networks, non-governmental organizations (community based or national) and advocacy networks.

    • Category 2. This includes government representatives, UN agencies and philanthropic organizations.

  • Commercial organizations:

    • This includes diagnostic companies, pharmaceuticals, private sector companies and other commercial organizations (such as cooperatives, hospitals/clinics, media organizations and trade unions).

Exhibition packages Early fee Standard fee
(after 14 February 2024, 23:59 CET)
Non-commercial Commercial Non-commercial Commercial
Category 1 Category 2 Category 1 Category 2
Booth packages 9m² booth USD 6,980 USD 7,475 USD 7,970 USD 8,025 USD 8,595 USD 9,165
18m² booth USD 13,030 USD 14,020 USD 15,010 USD 14,985 USD 16,125 USD 17,260
Space-only packages 9m² USD 6,065 USD 6,560 USD 7,055 USD 6,975 USD 7,545 USD 8,115
18m² USD 11,330 USD 12,320 USD 13,310 USD 13,030 USD 14,170 USD 15,305
27m² USD 16,595 USD 18,080 USD 19,565 USD 19,085 USD 20,790 USD 22,500
36m² USD 21,860 USD 23,840 USD 25,820 USD 25,140 USD 27,415 USD 29,695
54m² USD 32,390 USD 35,360 USD 38,330 USD 37,250 USD 40,665 USD 44,080
72m² USD 42,920 USD 46,880 USD 50,840 USD 49,360 USD 53,910 USD 58,465
81m² USD 48,185 USD 52,640 USD 57,095 USD 55,415 USD 60,535 USD 65,660
Virtual exhibition USD 3,600 USD 4,700 USD 5,900 USD 4,200 USD 5,400 USD 6,800

Please note:

  • Prices are in USD. 

  • Dimensions are in square metres. 

  • For exhibition bookings, no German VAT will be charged by the IAS, but a reverse-charge mechanism may apply.

  • To secure the early fee, we must receive orders and full payment or proof of payment (transfer slip) by 14 February 2024, 23:59 CET. Otherwise, the standard fee will apply. 

  • If you would like to order a space-only package larger than 81m², please contact the AIDS 2024 Exhibition team at

Additional benefits

Exhibitors will also receive the following benefits: 

  • Marketing of the exhibition to registered delegates

  • Organization name and logo listed on the:

    • AIDS 2024 website exhibition page

    • AIDS 2024 online programme

  • Positioning of the exhibition hall as a must-visit hub for all delegates, featuring the poster exhibition, food outlets and the business lounge

  • Exhibitor manual and ongoing support from the AIDS 2024 Exhibition team


Where will the conference be held?

AIDS 2024 will take place at Messe München: the Trade Fair Center Messe München and the ICM – International Congress Center Messe München, Munich, Germany, as well as virtually, from 22 to 26 July 2024. Pre-conferences will be held on 20 and 21 July. 

When will the exhibition be open?

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday, 23 July to Friday, 26 July. Its opening hours are as follows:



Tuesday, 23 July   

09:30 – 17:00

Wednesday, 24 July   

09:30 – 17:00

Thursday, 25 July   

09:30 – 17:00

Friday, 26 July   

09:30 – 13:30

The virtual exhibition will be open throughout the virtual conference period.

Who can exhibit at AIDS 2024?

Organizations wishing to exhibit at AIDS 2024 must follow the criteria for acceptance. These are:  

  • The organization should reflect and/or support the vision and goals of the conference.  
  • The organization should address HIV and AIDS, co-infections or issues faced by individuals or organizations affected by or responding to the HIV pandemic.  
  • The organization should reflect conference policies and goals of diversity and inclusion.  

The IAS reserves the right to reject any booking if the organization is perceived as not being in line with the values and objectives of AIDS 2024. 

How can I book an exhibition package?

Exhibition orders are placed via the AIDS 2024 online ordering system. This offers a simple ordering process, which requires you to create an account and place your order. All orders placed are subject to the AIDS 2024: Terms and conditions for the exhibition.

How is exhibition space assigned?

The Exhibition team assigns the location based on receipt of the exhibition booking and payment, availability and the overall requirements for the exhibition. 

What is the exhibition format and package change policy?

If the IAS changes the conference format to fully virtual, all booth and space-only package orders will be converted to the virtual exhibition and the difference refunded. 

The IAS allows you to change the format of your package as follows until 14 February 2023, 23:59 CET: 

  • If there is a change from the booth or space-only package to the virtual exhibition, the difference will be refunded free of charge.  
  • If there is a change from the virtual exhibition to the booth or space-only package, the difference will be charged.

Download AIDS 2024: Terms and conditions for the exhibition

Can exhibitors attend the conference?

The booth and space-only packages include complimentary exhibitor registrations. These provide access to the exhibition hall. To access the full in-person conference programme and/or virtual conference, you will need to register for the conference.

Are special hotel rates available?

Yes. The AIDS 2024 Accommodation team has negotiated a variety of room and price categories in Munich. Find further details on the accommodation page.  

Terms and conditions

Download the AIDS 2024 terms and conditions for the exhibition.



Contact the AIDS 2024 Exhibition team.

If you have any questions, please email

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