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Brent Allan

Brent Allan

Forum Advisory Group member since 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Global community engagement consultant

Brent lives on Da Da Wjurng lands of the Kulin Nation in the territory that most know as Australia.

They currently occupy several senior advisor positions focusing on programmes and policy for global and domestic agencies and industry partners. They have been working in the community response to HIV and AIDS for over 30 years across various countries and have qualifications in health education, business and community services management. They also have public and social health experience with local, state and federal governments and global industries.

Brent identifies as a non-binary person who has been living with HIV for over 25 years. They have been active in efforts to build the capacity of people living with HIV through advocacy, education and representation. They regularly provide technical assistance to global networks, governments, civil society and industry on matters of best practice in community-based services, research and development.

Brent is a passionate advocate for civil society and consumer representation in health service policy, programming and evaluation. They have been a vocal advocate and champion for the rights of sex workers, people who use drugs and vulnerable and marginalized people working on the frontlines with gender and sexually diverse communities.

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