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Person-Centred Care

AIM: To advocate for a multidisciplinary, integrated and long-term focused approach to care for people living with and affected by HIV that is responsive to their evolving needs, priorities and preferences.

Before I came here, I was extremely worried that I could be judged for having a same-sex relationship. But as soon as I arrived, I felt very comfortable [in] the clean and friendly space. The staff were all very welcoming and enthusiastic, and the procedures were quick and informative. All in all, everything is so nice ...

NDT, 19 years old, a PrEP user at Lighthouse clinic, Viet Nam

The IAS recognizes that quality healthcare for people living with and affected by HIV must integrate other health issues and be responsive to the evolving needs, priorities and preferences of each individual. Established by the IAS in 2021, the Person-Centred Care programme promotes healthcare that is determined by the many components that constitute people’s identities, including gender, age and socioeconomic status.

It does so by:

  • Documenting and disseminating good practice models of person-centred care.
  • Strengthening the evidence base to inform delivery of integrated high-quality, “person-centred” health services.
  • Building consensus around the concept of person-centred care to support person-centred approaches; specific focus areas include harm reduction, ageing with HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights (including sexually transmitted infections) and tuberculosis.


With support from:

Documenting and disseminating

Person-centred care roadmap at AIDS2024

We have compiled a comprehensive list of events to help people passionate about prioritizing person-centred care to plan their time at AIDS 2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference, which will take place in Munich, Germany, and virtually from 22 to 26 July 2024. Pre-conferences will be held on 20 and 21 July.

Access PCC roadmap here

Webinar: Person-centred care approaches for preventing HPV-related cancers among people living with HIV

At this webinar organized by IAS, WHO and Unitaid, presenters shared the latest evidence and implementation guidance on the prevention and management of human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers, especially among people living with HIV. The purpose of the webinar was to share information on the latest guidance, technology and investment landscape and emerging anal cancer screening evidence. The webinar also highlighted the role of civil society in cervical cancer elimination and shared key lessons learnt on the integration of HIV and cervical cancer screening and treatment programmes.

View programme and webinar recording here

Harm reduction and HIV resources page

Harm reduction is an essential public health intervention. Integrated and person-centred harm reduction services are crucial in ensuring continuity of care for people who use drugs, especially during pandemics or major disruptions to health services. Lack of investment is a significant barrier to the effective use of harm reduction. Harm reduction approaches can be successfully integrated into HIV prevention, treatment and care services and contribute directly to the goal of the HIV response, a world in which HIV no longer presents a threat to public health and individual well-being. Find out everything you need to know about harm reduction and HIV.

Homelessness and HIV

Homelessness magnifies vulnerabilities to HIV acquisition and impedes access to related health services. Evidence suggests that stable housing may improve viral suppression and access to HIV care for people living with HIV. A people-centred response to HIV and homelessness needs to prioritize enhanced access to integrated HIV and support services. Read about Annie’s journey through homelessness and living with HIV. 

An IAS 2023 pre-meeting: Putting people first in the prevention, treatment and care of HPV-related cancers among people living with HIV

IAS 2023 pre-meeting: Putting people first in the prevention, treatment and care of HPV-related cancers among people living with HIV

This IAS-organized pre-meeting at IAS 2023, the 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science brought together HIV basic scientists, clinicians, researchers, public health practitioners, implementers, community advocates and those working towards preventing and managing HPV-related cancers.

Event highlights included:

  • New evidence supporting WHO recommendations on one dose HPV vaccine schedule
  • Demonstration of successful and scalable models of HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screen, triage and treat programmes in diverse settings
  • Developments towards an anal cancer screening algorithm 
  • A call to action for all key stakeholders to increase investments and action on HPV-related cancer prevention towards achieving elimination targets and beyond

Watch the session recordings

Read summary report of event

An AIDS 2022 satellite: Getting person-centred care right: Good practice models of integrating HIV and other health needs

session image

This IAS-organized satellite session at AIDS 2022, the 24th International AIDS Conference, explored frameworks for person-centred care and spotlighted good practice models for people living with HIV experiencing homelessness in the Philippines, young key populations in Viet Nam, female sex workers who use drugs in Kenya, and adolescents and young people in Uganda.

Watch the recording

View the slides

An AIDS 2022 satellite: HIV and Viral Hepatitis: integrating programmes and financing to accelerate achievement of twin goals to eliminate HIV and viral hepatitis by 2030

AIDS 2022 Session

View the session recording to learn more about approaches to integration of HIV and viral hepatitis services in Ukraine, Viet Nam, Mozambique and Rwanda.

View the recording

The IAS has joined the viral hepatitis community call to action launched at AIDS 2022, the 24th International AIDS Conference. It calls on global donors and agencies, namely Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, The United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and The Global Fund, to urgently leverage existing HIV clinical and programmatic infrastructure to integrate viral hepatitis care into primary and maternal care settings to scale up access to hepatitis C cure and hepatitis B care services.

Sign-on here

Strengthening the evidence base

Person-centred interventions to improve patient-provider relationships for HIV services in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

This IAS-commissioned review expands on previous work focusing on the importance of client-provider interactions in the provision of HIV care. The evidence compiled in the review suggests that interventions focused on providing friendly and welcoming services and improving individualized counselling have a strong potential to improve both HIV-related and client-reported outcomes. Other studies focused on improving access to care, coordination and continuity of care, physical support and client empowerment and seeing the client as a unique person.

Access related training resource for healthcare providers

Read full review

JIAS special issue: “Person‐centred approaches to address the health needs of people living with HIV and co‐infections and co‐morbidities”

JIAS Vol25-S4 This supplement contributes to the growing evidence base demonstrating the need to adopt person-centred care systems globally. The articles describe the challenges to and strategies for implementing such approaches in countries across eastern, central and southern Africa, North America and Europe.

Access journal supplement
Watch dedicated IAS 2023 satellite
Read summary report of dedicated IAS 2023 satellite
View slides from dedicated IAS 2023 satellite

JIAS special issue: “Growing older with HIV in the Treat-All Era”

JIAS Vol25-S4 The articles in this special issue highlight the myriad of unprecedented and unique challenges that growing older with HIV entails and propose implementation strategies to achieve longer and richer health spans.

Access special issue to read more
Watch webinar recording
View webinar slides

Building consensus

Person-centred care stakeholder consultations

PCC stakeholder consultation

The stakeholder consultation series aims to provide a platform for exchange on the concept of person-centred care in the HIV response. The discussions, learnings and recommendations from the series will form the basis of a joint statement or publication on person-centred care. The purpose of this communication is to build common cause around the concept of person-centred care and how it can be further embedded within the HIV response. In particular, the purpose is to define the kind of guidance needed by different stakeholder groups to realize the potential of person-centred care.

View detailed concept note

View meeting one report

View meeting two recording
View meeting two slides

View meeting three recording
View meeting three slides

View meeting four recording
View meeting four slides

Person-Centred Care Advocates

Baker Bakashaba
Baker Bakashaba

Baker Bakashaba

AIDS Information Center (AIC), Uganda
Daisy Kwala
Daisy Kwala

Daisy Kwala

Bar Hostess Empowerment & Support Programme (BHESP)
Rod Olete
Rod Olete

Rod Olete

Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines (SHIP)
Tung Doan Thanh
Tung Doan Thanh

Tung Doan Thanh

Lighthouse Social Enterprise
Viet Nam

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