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A man and woman stand in a doorway facing forward while the woman holds a young infant

Person-Centred Care

AIM: To advocate for a multidisciplinary, integrated and long-term focused approach to care for people living with and affected by HIV

The IAS recognizes that quality healthcare for people living with and affected by HIV must integrate other health issues and be responsive to the evolving needs, priorities and preferences of each individual. Established by the IAS in 2021, the Person-Centred Care programme, promotes healthcare that is determined by the many components that constitute people’s identities, including gender, age and socioeconomic status. 

It does so by: 

  • Documenting and disseminating good practice models of person-centred care
  • Strengthening the evidence base to inform delivery of integrated high-quality, “person-centred” health services
  • Building consensus around the concept of person-centred care to support person-centred approaches; specific focus areas include harm reduction, ageing with HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights (including sexually transmitted infections) and tuberculosis


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