Towards an HIV Cure

AIM: To drive concerted efforts to accelerate global scientific research and engagement towards a cure for HIV.

"It is time to more firmly plant the need for an HIV cure on the policy agenda. While interventions that lead to a meaningful cure – allowing for people to safely stop antiviral drugs – are at least decades away, we must begin planning for it sooner than later. Once available, we must ensure a cure can be successfully delivered to those countries most burdened by the disease, and delivery must come at speed." – Sharon Lewin, IAS Towards an HIV Cure Advisory Board Co-Chair

The IAS Towards an HIV Cure programme focuses efforts on advancing the HIV cure field in low- and lower-middle-income settings and facilitating interaction with HIV and other biomedical research areas. It does so by:

  • Promoting Science by leveraging the facilitating power of the IAS to promote scientific exchange and collaboration, and increase research literacy.
  • Empowering People by growing capacity-building programmes for HIV researchers and community advocates in low- and lower-middle-income settings.
  • Supporting Action by catalysing advocacy for the prioritization of HIV cure in the global health agenda by supporting a well-informed, multidisciplinary network.

The programme is overseen by the IAS Towards an HIV Cure Advisory Board of experts representing governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations and foundations. The advisory board, co-chair Sharon Lewin, provides strategic advice and engages stakeholders in the programmes’s long-term strategy to inform global policy, programmes and funding.


Accelerating global scientific research and engagement towards a cure for HIV is a major strategic priority for the IAS. Following the launch of the IAS Towards an HIV Cure programme in 2011, the IAS developed the ground-breaking first IAS Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure 2012, presenting the first global overview of, and strategic plan for, HIV cure research.

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