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Rahab Mwaniki

Rahab Mwaniki

Forum Advisory Group member since 2012
Nairobi, Kenya
Public Health Specialist and Programme Officer, National Empowerment Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Rahab is a civil society leader and public health specialist with vast experience in the TB and HIV fields. She has worked in different capacities with various agencies, including government, UN and civil society organizations. She also has experience working with people living with HIV networks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to generate evidence for advocacy and engage in high-level advocacy on HIV and TB with policy makers and legislators at the national, regional and global levels. In 2018, Rahab was among the stakeholders who developed and ratified the 2018 Nairobi Strategy on Tuberculosis and Human Rights: Measuring Progress and Planning for the Future.

Rahab has worked with various committees globally and nationally. These include the WHO Child and Adolescent Core TB Working Group and TB and HIV ICCs. She is an IAS Member.

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