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Sheena McCormack

Sheena McCormack

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

Sheena McCormack is a clinical epidemiologist who has worked on HIV vaccine, microbicide and PrEP trials since 1994. She is a senior clinical scientist at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at University College London. She was awarded a Chair at Imperial College in 2012 and at University College London in 2017. Her clinical attachment is to 56 Dean Street, a sexual health clinic in Soho, London.

She led the PROUD PrEP study conducted in men who have sex with men attending sexual health clinics in England, which reported early due to unexpectedly high incidence in those without access to PrEP and an 86% reduction in those with access to PrEP. Since then, she has worked on a large PrEP trial in England, an internet trial of self-testing and a COVID-19 vaccine trial. Sheena hopes to complete a multi-arm HIV prevention trial in sub-Saharan Africa and a prophylactic and a therapeutic vaccine trial in Europe before retiring.

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