People smiling in a workshop setting

Community-led monitoring research workshop

Mon, 20 May 2024

8:00am - 6:00pm [CEST]

Radisson RED Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa

This three-day workshop will bring together about 50 researchers and CLM implementers from nine countries in southern and eastern Africa to share information and perspectives about community-led monitoring, facilitate country-level partnerships, and identify actions to advance CLM and research and build the evidence base for CLM. The workshop has three strategic objectives:

  1. To build relationships between researchers and CLM implementers interested in applying research tools to learning and analysis of CLM programmes and laying the foundation for future collaborations, including peer-reviewed publication
  2. To strengthen understanding of CLM programmes, principles and impact among researchers and of research and peer-reviewed publication approaches among CLM implementers to support these collaborations
  3. To identify actions to advance CLM and research towards building the evidence base for CLM in support of a shared global vision in the HIV response on the importance of CLM for HIV and health services more broadly

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