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Luis Sagaon Teyssier

Luis Sagaon Teyssier

Research Institute for Development, France

Luis Sagaon Teyssier is an economist in the research unit, UMR1252 SESSTIM, in France. He obtained his PhD in economics in 2009, focusing on statistical modelling applied to the labour market data of developing countries. Since joining the SESSTIM as a postdoctoral student in 2011, he has developed his methodological know-how, moving from labour economics to health economics and public health, through his work on the professional lives of people diagnosed with cancer and HIV.

In 2012, he was recruited by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), a national French research organization, to carry out research activities. Specifically, he is an expert advisor for issues on methodology. He also carries out research on HIV in key populations and bridging populations, such as informal gold miners in Mali, and on the access to healthcare of vulnerable populations, such as domestic workers in West Africa. He is an expert in economic evaluation for innovative community-based strategies for hepatitis C in Cambodia and COVID-19 in Nigeria and Mali. He heads a team of 10 young researchers.

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