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HIVR4P 2024, the 5th HIV Research for Prevention Conference


Objectives of HIVR4P 2024, the 5th HIV Research for Prevention Conference

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Objective 1

Convene world experts across the broad range of scientific disciplines within HIV prevention and related fields, including representation of key and affected populations in the HIV response to advance scientific knowledge, present new research findings, and enhance global scientific and community collaborations.

Objective 2

Ensure that the latest information on new HIV prevention technologies is disseminated, and advocate for accessibility and availability to meet the needs and preferences of the most vulnerable people.

Objective 3

Refine and improve HIV prevention research and development agendas to reflect knowledge gaps, opportunities and implementation of modalities that are currently available such as PrEP, PEP, multi-purpose technologies, bNAbs and other prevention options, including delivery systems and formulations.

Objective 4

Explore new approaches and innovation for immune-based prevention, from basic science to vaccine clinical trials.


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